Full Name
Stephen Huddart
Job Title
Director, Regenerative Economy program
Victoria Forum
Speaker Bio
Stephen Huddart is currently Adjunct professor at Gustavson School of Business and acts as a Special Advisor to the Hub and the Victoria Forum to advance key strategic initiatives. He is past President and CEO of the McConnell Foundation. He joined the McConnell Foundation in Montreal in 2003 and served as CEO from 2011 to 2020. During this time, the foundation developed social finance partnerships with Indigenous organizations, governments, financial and academic institutions, and civil society. He serves on the advisory boards of several organizations working on societal transition, including the Transition Accelerator, the Observer Media Group, the International WELL Building Institute, and the YMCA of Quebec Alternative Suspension social impact bond. Stephen advises several Canadian, European and US foundations and government agencies. He is a founding member of the Transition Innovation Group hosted by Community Foundations of Canada.
Stephen Huddart