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Pooran Desai
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[Pooran Desai OBE HonFRIBA](https://www.linkedin.com/in/pooran-desai-2847009/) is a serial social entrepreneur, author and advisor to companies and government. He is the creator of the framework on which the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are based.
He studied medical sciences and neuroscience at Oxford and Cambridge Universities before co-founding environmental organisation, [Bioregional](https://www.bioregional.com/), in 1994. With colleagues he established enterprises in sustainable forestry, organic farming and recycling, and put together [Beddington Zero fossil Energy Development](https://www.bioregional.com/projects-and-services/case-studies/bedzed-the-uks-first-large-scale-eco-village) (BedZED) in south London, the world’s first zero carbon urban village.
Pooran coined the term [One Planet Living®](https://www.bioregional.com/one-planet-living), leading an international initiative embedding the holistic framework across all sectors including $30bn of zero carbon real estate in 30 countries. One Planet Living’s ten guiding principles served as the basis for the [UN SDGos](https://sdgs.un.org/goals), adopted by all UN member states in 2015.
In 2018 he founded [OnePlanet.com](https://oneplanet.com/), a digital platform enabling users to ‘join the dots’ to create resilient, regenerative communities, now being used by local government, businesses and community groups, unlocking the creativity of the right half of our brains in the workplace.
He is an honorary fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects.
Pooran Desai