Full Name
Kat Cadungog
Job Title
Executive Director
Speaker Bio
Kat is the Executive Director of [FES](https://www.fesplanet.org/). Kat’s main focus is building [The Youth Harbour](https://www.theyouthharbour.org/), a youth-for-youth climate support system focusing on providing youth climate leaders with financial, technical, and networking resources to amplify and scale action across the country. So far, Kat has raised over $4 million for youth climate action since 2021. On top of her work at FES, she sits on the board of the Sustainability Network, is an Advisory Council member to the Boann Social Impact, and is an Advisory Group Member for the Community Climate Transitions Innovation Fund by Tamarack Institute. Kat is passionate about activating the local community, whether that be organizing grassroots campaigns and clothing swaps, or volunteering at the University of Calgary or Calgary Foundation. Kat is passionate about empowering youth to take impactful action on sustainable development, strengthening and amplifying the youth \*force\* in the Canadian climate movement.
Kat Cadungog