Full Name
Samantha Whiteye
Job Title
Director, Indigenous Leadership Pillar
Carolinian Canada
Speaker Bio
**Samantha Whiteye** is a community leader from Eelūnapéewi Lahkéewiit. She is very passionate and dedicated to her work within Southern Ontario and the Indigenous Communities she actively serves. Samantha comes from grassroots immersed experiences which she utilizes her lived experience and understandings to create space, advocate and lead conversations centering on Truth and Reconciliation. Leading with an ethical two eyed seeing approach Samantha demonstrates leadership as a changemaker in the environmental sector.
Samantha is very knowledgeable and connected to her Lunaapeew/Lenape culture as she continuously weaves the medicine and teachings into her work and daily lifestyle. She is also passionate about ancestral seed sovereignty and hopes it helps build bridges back to identity for her people.
Over the past 3 years, Samantha has worked closely with Carolinian Canada Coalition as a Director of the organization, creating and launching what is known as the Indigenous Leadership Pillar for CCC.
Samantha Whiteye