Full Name
Jillisa Brown
Job Title
Executive Director
Speaker Bio
Jillisa Brown is a global leader. Her passion for the development of people and communities was the launchpad of her journey as a community leader, mentor, and coach. Her work in decolonizing systems that exclude equity-seeking communities has helped to lay some of the groundwork for change within the social finance and social innovation ecosystems across Canada. Jillisa’s focus is on building capacity engulfed in inclusion, diversity, equity, and access specializing in Anti-Black Racism.

Jillisa’s role as the System Collaborator of SETSI's Solidarity Working Group provided her with the experience and deep sense of community of practice needed to lead the Table of Impact Investment Practitioners as Executive Director.

TIIP's role in the governance and distribution of the Federal Government’s Social Finance Fund and, leadership in the re-establishment of Canada's National Advisory Board (NAB) for Impact Investing is one that is deeply linked to our country's history and future of impact investing and innovation.
Jillisa Brown