About the Summit

Workplace wellbeing is entering the mainstream of social change. However, managers, leaders and teams are facing chronic stress, microaggressions, anxiety and burnout, as well as the early onset of chronic illness. Leaders and teams need insights, knowledge and tools to strengthen workplace wellbeing now.

Presented by Co-operators, Future of Good’s first-ever 2024 Changemaker Wellbeing Summit is a unique professional experience that aims to convene social purpose teams in a safe learning setting to gain insights and advance action on workplace wellbeing.

The 2024 summit will host a mix of talks, practical workshops, discussions, peer learning, and artistic experiences on critical topics such as mental health, sleep, financial precarity, maternal health, intergenerational trauma, inclusion and belonging, climate anxiety, and more. See here for full agenda.


Key questions to be addressed

  • What are the ten key workplace wellbeing trends in 2024?
  • What are the wellbeing impacts of operating in scarcity and financial precarity for prolonged periods of time?
  • What dynamics are at play when you manage a team of remote workers?
  • What are the key ingredients of a workplace wellbeing plan?
  • Does a fear of failure create micro-anxieties?
  • What are the practical ways to centre women’s health and wellbeing?
  • Social media is essential for work, but what are the impacts to individual and team wellbeing?
  • What workplace wellbeing initiatives are gaining traction?
  • Burnout is on the rise in the social purpose world. What do managers need to know?


Who should participate?

This summit is intentionally designed to be a team professional learning experience. It will provide valuable insights, knowledge and tools into workplace wellbeing for executives, leaders, funders, donors and managers of social purpose teams. Employers in corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic, public, and academic sectors inclined to advance workplace wellbeing will find this summit beneficial. Teams will learn from experts, lived experience, research, peers from across the sector, and from workplace wellbeing initiatives that are gaining traction from across the country and around the world. By nurturing wellbeing, teams will be better able to unleash capacity for new action, greater impact, and flourishing employees for their organizations.


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